The Gallery Album

This album is a substantial 11” x 14” when closed and opens to display an impressive 22″ x 14″ landscape or 28” x 11” panoramic spread on super thick museum grade 300 gsm paper. Choose from a selection of silk, linen or premium Italian leatherette covers with a cover cameo image. 15 spreads (30 pages) are included.


01_SweetMonday_GalleryAlbum 02_SweetMonday_GalleryAlbum 03_SweetMonday_GalleryAlbum 04_SweetMonday_GalleryAlbum 05_SweetMonday_GalleryAlbum




The Fine Art Book
The Fine Art Book is hand-crafted and has gutterless full spreads to feature your photos in a stunning large format. Pages are a sturdy card stock printed with archival quality inks. The 10”x8” book has a variety of book cloth cover options and includes a custom deboss. The 9”x12” Fine Art Book includes additional leather and fabric cover options and an inlaid cameo cover photo. 15 spreads (30 pages) are included with both the 10”x8” and 9”x12” versions.


06_SweetMonday_FineArtBook 07_SweetMonday_FineArtBook 08_SweetMonday_FineArtBook 09_SweetMonday_FineArtBook




The Flushmount Album
The pages of the Flushmount Album are photo paper mounted onto sturdy board. Covers include a variety of leather and fabric options with an inlaid cameo cover photo. 15 spreads (30 pages) are included.


10_SweetMonday_Flushmount 11_SweetMonday_Flushmount 12_SweetMonday_Flushmount 13_SweetMonday_Flushmount 14_SweetMonday_Flushmount 15_SweetMonday_Flushmount




The Parent Album
This 8” x 8” version of our Fine Art Book is designed to be unique to each set of parents. 15 spreads (30 pages) are included.


16_SweetMonday_ParentAlbum 17_SweetMonday_ParentAlbum 18_SweetMonday_ParentAlbum 19_SweetMonday_ParentAlbum




The Guestbook
Feature favorite images from your Engagement Session in an 8” x 6” album from the maker of our Fine Art Book. These books have 15 gutterless spreads and typically showcase one image per page to leave plenty of room for your guests to write kind words. 15 spreads (30 pages) are included.


20_SweetMonday_Guestbook 21_SweetMonday_Guestbook