Annie & Mat  Wedding at Chandler Hill in St. Louis

Annie and Mat, you guys were a joy to work with! And thank you Chandler Hill for always being such a beautiful backdrop for a wedding day. (Gosh, we’re lucky to do this job!)


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Erin & Roger  Engagement Portraits at the Boston Shipyard & Marina

Erin & Roger said their ideal engagement session was fun, colorful and off the beaten path and I’m so glad they were up for exploring the Boston Shipyard & Marina in East Boston with me. It was an afternoon of good company and pretty light and we can’t wait to do it all over again in October!


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Mitra & John  Washington University Engagement Session

Mitra and John were in town for their class reunion at Washington University, and wanted to have their engagement photographs made while they were here. I’m so glad they did! I think it may have been the prettiest weekend of the year on campus, with all the trees in bloom. Mitra and John, it was lovely to meet you and we wish you two all the best!


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Aliza & Adam  An Intimate Winter Wedding in Boston

As much as we love a showstopper of a wedding, it’s important to remember that when all is said and done it’s the getting married that is the really special part. Putting their wedding together in just a month, making their vows on the hearth of the fireplace in Aliza’s childhood home, surrounded by only the closest of friends and family, Aliza & Adam reminded us again of what we love the most about weddings – the family, the love, and the joy of celebrating life together, forever. Congratulations, Aliza & Adam!


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