Aliza & Adam  An Intimate Winter Wedding in Boston

As much as we love a showstopper of a wedding, it’s important to remember that when all is said and done it’s the getting married that is the really special part. Putting their wedding together in just a month, making their vows on the hearth of the fireplace in Aliza’s childhood home, surrounded by only the closest of friends and family, Aliza & Adam reminded us again of what we love the most about weddings – the family, the love, and the joy of celebrating life together, forever. Congratulations, Aliza & Adam!


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Michelle & Dave  Winter Engagement Portraits at Franklin Park, Jamaica Plain

Back before the holidays, when Michelle & Dave decided they wanted to do a winter engagement session, I’m pretty sure that none of us had any idea what was actually in store for us! Just a few weeks and 7 feet of snow later, we were out at Franklin Park up to our waists in snow. So happy that Michelle wore her red dress & scarf!

Michelle & Dave, thanks again for being up for this little winter adventure…and we’re looking forward to June when we’ll have a chance to do this all over again in the warm sun! (We hope!)


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Meg & Corey  Wedding at Alden Castle in Boston

Meg and Corey have been so patiently waiting for a sneak peek at their wedding pictures (Fun fact: April and I BOTH have brand new babies, so we’re running a little behind in blogging these days!), so I’m going to get right to the goods. But I must say first how incredibly kind and lovely these two are. Meg is the kind of person you just want to give a big hug to as soon as you meet her, and she and Corey are SUCH a fantastic pair. (We also want to thank our very talented friend Jean Spencer for shooting this wedding along side me since April was in labor that day – EEK! We love you, Jean!)

Vendors for this pretty winter wedding:

Venue: Alden Castle
Photography: Sweet Monday
Florist: Beach Plum Floral
Cake: I Dream of Jeanne
Make Up: Amanda McCarthy Beauty
Hair: Kris Pavao Just Hair


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Cassandra & Benjamin  Wedding Portraits in Central Park, New York City

How about a last little dose of fall prettiness before we head into the holiday season? We love, love, LOVE it when we have a chance to do some day after wedding portraits! It’s such a great opportunity to wear your dress again and get some photos in areas outside your wedding venue without the stress & pressure of a wedding day timeline. We met Cassandra & Benjamin at the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park on a gorgeous fall day – these two make our job so easy!

Have a happy and safe holiday season, everyone! xo, A&L


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