Jenna & Jeff: Hiking Engagement Session in St. Louis

Jenna and Jeff are huge nature lovers and suggested that we all go on a hike for their engagement session.  Yes, please! We honestly didn’t even know Missouri had parks this beautiful, and exploring this one was the perfect way to get to know Jenna and Jeff (and their pups!) a little better. We’re very much looking forward to their wedding in a different forest – Forest Park! – this spring.

Old wood grains and everything about nature is what this couple is about. We we’re supposed to shoot a few pictures of them on a small wooden cabin just a few hundred yards from where these shots were taken. That cabin had a very particular set of furniture and things from the past. There was also these wood burning stoves in their so old that they have collected decades of dust. Unfortunately, we were not prepared for the idea and only brought a couple of things  and wardrobe was limited. Regardless, I think we enjoyed the thought of it and maybe we’ll do it in the future.

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