Liz & David: Engagement Portraits at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

Liz and David are super fun, adventurous and up for anything – including a brisk walk around the Arnold Arboretum less than a week after we got 5 inches of snow. In April. The blooms may not have been out quite yet, but the light was lovely and these two were happy to snuggle together for warmth. Hooray for engagement portrait season!

SweetMonday_LYDW_ENG01 SweetMonday_LYDW_ENG02 SweetMonday_LYDW_ENG03SweetMonday_LYDW_ENG04 SweetMonday_LYDW_ENG05SweetMonday_LYDW_ENG06 SweetMonday_LYDW_ENG07SweetMonday_LYDW_ENG08

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