Nikki & Tamin

We think a backyard wedding is just so special and Nikki & Tamin’s wedding at Tamin’s childhood home in Cambridge was no exception. Nikki and Tamin’s mom spent hours foraging antique furniture and other decor from the basement and attic of the home and both Nikki & Tamin’s siblings officiated the ceremony. One of our favorite details from the day was the small wedding cake at the center of each table – it gave Nikki & Tamin a great excuse to spend time with each of the tables and guests had fun trading slices to try different flavors. It couldn’t have been a more intimate and fun family celebration!


SweetMonday_NikkiTamin01 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin02 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin03 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin04 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin05 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin06 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin07 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin08 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin09 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin10 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin11 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin12 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin13 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin14 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin15 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin16 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin17 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin18 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin19 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin20 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin21 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin22 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin23 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin24 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin25 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin26 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin27 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin28 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin29 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin30 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin31 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin32 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin33 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin34 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin35 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin36 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin37 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin38 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin39 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin40 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin41 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin42 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin43 SweetMonday_NikkiTamin44
Event Design & Coordination: Gracie Lou Events
Floral Design: Orchids N’ Blooms
Wedding Gown: Vera Wang from the Bridal Galleria 
Bridesmaid Dresses:
Groom’s Tuxedo: Burberry
Invitations: Mercurio Brothers
Hair Stylist: L’Elegance Salon
Videography: Waves Media


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